Corporate Mission: Lighting Our Planet And Lives Of People With Quality-Marked Lighting Products.

Corporate Essence: Focusing On Sharing, Happiness, Togetherness And Growth.

We focus on growing with the thought of building faith together, taking responsibilities together, sharing profits together and working for dreams.

  • Corporate Philosophy: Care for customer experience.
  • Brand Slogan: Serve with faith
  • Core element: Innovation, improvement, trust and responsibilities.

Corporate Vision: To Stand Tall As An Industry Leader.

Brand Concept

We aim enhance the pre-sale and after-sales services in all the aspects including technical guidance.

  • Spirit: Client is the focal point, humans are powerful and cooperative partners to rely on.
  • Products: We bring forth products like LED Outdoor Street Light by paying attention to service improvement, quality assurance, market guidance and attain public praise through all these.

Brand Vision

We, at our company, look forward to maximize the supply and reduce the cost of our offerings while maintaining their supreme quality level. Besides, we aim to establish a large client base due to our cost performance lighting products.

Milestones Achieved

It was in 2018 when we won the titles of Unit of Respecting Contracts and Keeping Credit in Yangzhou City and Advanced Unit of Safety Production and Civilization Construction in Jiangsu Province. Thus, confirming, we have:

  • First-level qualification of: City and road lighting engineering & electronic and intelligent engineering
  • Second-level qualification of: Municipal public works construction general contractor and highway traffic engineering.


Gaoyou Huxi Lamp Factory was founded.


Established Yangzhou Longxiang Lamp Manufacturing Co. Ltd.


Added a newly founded unit to bring forth molded lamp under the name, Feilong Lamp Industrial Unit.


Integrated Feilong and Longxiang. Later, set up TianHuang Lighting Group


Awarded as a high-tech enterprise.


Honored as First class contractor Qualification for roads and cities lighting engineering across China.


Awarded with Public Engineering General Contractor.

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